PalFest –  (2015)

Promotional Videos

role: Camera/Editor


Threads – (2015)

Graduation Film – short documentary

role: Editor


Diving Within – (2015)

Graduation Film – short documentary

role: Editor


The Heist – (2015)

Student Advert

role: Editor


In Ribbons (2014)

Short Film

role: Director/Producer/Editor


See you at the Pictures (2013)

Feature Documentary

role: Post Production Secretary


Disassembly of a Steam Train (ongoing)

Music video for Silent Runner- in post-production

role: Director/Camera/Editor


Wicklow Homeless Five Loaves –  (2014)

Promotional Video

role: Director/Camera/Editor


Because it is Bitter – (March 2012- present)

Short Film- in production

role: Production Assistant/Storyboard Artist/Art Department


Barry’s Bespoke Bakery – (2012)

Short Film- complete

role: Production Assistant/Art Department


Opportunity Knocks – CPL viral competition winner– (2012)

Promotional Video

role: Writer/Director/Editor


Cleaning up Kindlestown Park Woods – (2011)

Promotional Video

role: Director/Camera/Editor


Derelict – (2011)

Feature Film

role: Production manager/Associate Producer/Camera


Nail Chain – (2011)

Music Video for ‘Very Sharp Knives’

role: Director/Editor


Yinyang – (2011)

Short Graduation Film

role: Producer/Writer/Director/Editor


Brown Gold – (2010)

Short Documentary

role: Producer/Director/Editor


MMA-Girl Talk –(010)


role: Producer


Filíocht Na Sráide – (2009)


role: Producer/Camera


Let Kodak Capture your Imagination – (2009)

Student Advert shot on super 16

role: Writer/Director


El Juego Del Ahorcado – (2008)

Feature Film (Subotica Entertainment)

role: Trainee Assistant Director