In Ribbons- Short Film

In Ribbons, 2014

In Ribbons is a short film written and co-produced by Caroline Farrell which I directed and edited. Set in Ireland in the 1960’s, the story is an inner journey through memory which unravels a pivotal day in the life of five year old Laurie. Through the innocence of her inexperience, we travel with her to a place of abandonment and fear. Her safety and nurture placed in the hands of people who chose instead to act with unsparing inhumanity. This important story extends itself to many others like Laurie who were lead to places such as this one; the beauty of their innocence stripped away. Laurie is left with nothing other than her new found awareness of her sense of self.

The film predominantly shows the events from Laurie’s day from her point of view. Sights and sounds affecting her emotional state filter in and out as she moves from the light of her last beautiful day with her father and into the darkness of this next chapter in her life. Shot in Ireland where the story takes place, In Ribbons is a dreamlike recounting of a dark part of the country’s social history through the eyes of a child.

Find an article on In Ribbons in the latest edition of Cinewomen Cahiers. This in depth interview has allowed Caroline and I to share our thoughts on the story and filmmaking process.


With a fantastic end to 2015 the film continues its festival journey and now sets sail for New Delhi, Dingle, Glasgow and many more wonderful places. For more information on the film’s cast & crew, upcoming screenings, nominations and awards the film has received please visit