My name is Marie-Valerie, I’m originally French but I came to Ireland with my parents when I was 9 and I’ve been here ever since. I came into the final year at the National Film School IADT in 2014 as part of the BA in Film & TV Production following completion of my HND in BIFE in 2011.

I have produced, directed, edited and helped out in a variety of capacities on productions during my time in film school as well as in the working world. My primary focus during my time in IADT has been on editing, exercising my knowledge in new ways and learning to use AVID. Here you will find examples of my work dating back from when I first started 7 years ago. I am very passionate about editing but also about directing. I always look forward to the next project to deepen my knowledge in this area. Most recently my short film In Ribbons written and co-produced by Caroline Farrell, has afforded me that opportunity to learn to direct in a professional capacity for the first time. The film is still currently in the festival circuit and has won a number of awards. You can find out more about this project and the wonderful people behind it under the In Ribbons tab.

I am also currently working on developing a media production company Benevola Media.

I also love to paint, sketch, storyboard and take photos. You can find examples of the different areas of my work under the Artwork and Photography sections of the site.

Thanks for your visit!


Photo by Carla Theron